" It seems this one is terribly afraid of  that one. "  Said Jewel.

" Yes it does.  His arms and legs were pinned down in that cave, like they are now.  If this guy caused those bit marks it would explain a lot. "  Said the Doctor.

" Sure does.  He tried to eat his buddy here.  Now that would be horrifying.  Imagine being pined down in black cave and having someone eating you alive.  Damn.  That would be my last choice in a way to go. "  Said another nurse.

" Better separate these two.  I'm going to have a psychiatrist pay these guys a visit.  Can't imagine what's going through their minds.  I'd be a prime candidate for Happy Acers. "  The attending Doctor stated.

" Well, no sleep to night.  Maybe in a week or two. "  Said a nurse.

" I'll be sleeping with the light on from now on. "  Said an orderly.

There after the rummer's started, the cannibals in the cave.  Each day the stories got bigger and more savage.  Some went so far as saying there was a colony of cannibals.  Others inserted space aliens into the mix.  Soon there were tourists and reporters from all over the world combing the mountains for a look. 

None new of the nightmare about to blossom.

" Number two opened his eyes, and he is trying to talk. "  A nurse announced to the other nurses at the front desk of the intensive care unit.

They all ran John's room.  John was trying to free his hands and making sounds that almost formed understandable words.  He looked around the room in a wildly random fashion, and acted as though he did not recognize the presents of the nurses.  The nurses began talking to him in soft voices.  One of them sprayed some of her perfume on a towel and held it to in front of him.  John slowly calmed down.  He couldn't quite focus on the nurses, but he knew they were there.

He began having flashbacks as Luke did.  His flashbacks were of his wife and kids, although he had no idea who they were.  After a few days the Doctors decided to remove his restraints.  John was able to understand the nurses were trying to help him, and he was not violent.  It took a week before he bend his arms and legs, even just a little.  After a month of therapy John had consolidated his flashbacks to the point he had some idea of where he was, but not who he was.  He could pronounce short words, and the scaring had healed well, but would always be clearly visible.

Luke had made better progress.  Probably because he was mobile while in the cave, and had meat to eat.  John had only the resurrective abilities of the bacteria from the Resurrection plants to survive.

" This is Mr. Smith. "  The Doctor said to the psychiatrist.

" How do you do Mr. Smith.  I am Doctor Neil Thomson.  I certainly hope we can be great friends. "  Said Dr. Thomson.

Luke just stared at the ceiling.

" Don't let your guard down because of his apparent immobility. Since we last talked Mr. Smith has developed a nasty habit of trying to bite anyone who's not paying attention, and he does so with grate animalistic fervor.  Fortunately, there has been only the one nurse I mentioned over the phone who has sustained a bite.  We spoon feed him solids with a long handled wooden spoon, and he appears calm during the meal.  Then we have to strap his head down to wipe his mouth. "  The attending Doctor explained to Dr. Thomson.

" He sure seems placid enough. "  Dr. Thomson noted.

" Pay close attention to his eyes, then move close to the bed. "  Replied the attending Doctor.

Lucks eyes narrowed and his body tensed.

" He's preparing to spring.  It's kind of automatic.  He continues to display the same behavior pattern regardless of how many times a day he tries and fails.  He can speak in short sentences, some of which make sense, and we think he understands much of what we are saying. "  Stated the attending Doctor.

" Fascinating case.  Most unique.  Still no word on who they are? "  Asked Dr. Thomson.

" Nope.  The sheriff says they're probably indigents that could be from anywhere.  I feel there must be more to their story though.  We'll probably just have to wait till one of them becomes more cognitive. "  Answered the attending Doctor.

" Well, I'd like to begin their therapy tomorrow if that's okay. "  Dr. Thomson said.

" The doors are open. Set your own schedule.  Now I must attend to the other patients. "  Stated the attending doctor as the shook Dr. Thompson's hand, and walked away.

Dr. Thomson turned his head to look a Luke, and he was staring him in the eyes.  The look from Luke sent shivers up the Dr.'s spine.  He had seen that look before at the asylum for the insane.

" Dr. Thomson, we are going to feed Mr. Jones. "  A nurse stated.

" Great. "  Replied Dr. Thomson as he followed the nurse.

John was sitting up, and looked anxious.

" He really likes to eat. "  Said the nurse.

" I'll bet. "  Said Dr. Thomson.

John was ravenous.  He ate as though he where starving.

" He likes the food. "  Said Dr. Thomson.

" He's gained fifty three pounds so far. "  The nurse said.

" The scaring looks the same on both of them.  Maybe they were tortured or something in the same fashion. "  Suggested Dr. Thomson.

" Perhaps.  When they were young.  The scaring is old. "  Answered the nurse.

" Here. "  John said in a raspy barely intelligible voice and pointing down.

Both nurses and Dr. Thomson moved close to the bed with surprised and smiling faces.

" Hospital.  This is a hospital.  You are in a hospital. "  A nurse answered.

One of the nurses went to the intercom on the wall and summoned the Doctor.

" Do you know your name? "  Asked a nurse.

John showed no emotion.

" You are safe.  You are in a hospital. "  Another nurse said in an excited joyful voice.

Robert Evan Howard