" Get a pump.  We'll get the part of Jewels he bit off. "  Ordered the Doctor.

" It's still in his mouth. "  A nurse exclaimed.

Within fifteen minutes the Doctor had fixed Jewels arm.

" It's a nice clean wound, and you'll have a scar to talk about.  I want you to take week off. "  Said the Doctor.

" I don't need time off.  It's not that bad.  Really. "  Proclaimed Jewel.

" Doctors orders. "  Replied the Doctor.

Jewel reluctantly left for home with her heart pounding.  She thought to herself, " I'm not coming down from this for a month. "

They decided to add a few new drugs to Luke's morphine regiment to ensure he would stay subdued.  John got the additional drugs as well as there was no way of knowing if he would become violent and ruin his surgery, or attack someone.

" These guys are going to need therapy for the rest of there lives and then some. "  A orderly said.

" I'll bet Jewel could use some therapy right about now. "  Said a nurse.

" I would have had a cardiac arrest, cerebral hemorrhage, and an unscheduled intense intestinal activation. "  Said another nurse.

" Have they found out how these guys got in that predicament?  Asked and orderly.

" Not that I know of.  Whatever they did, I'll bet they don't do it again. "  Replied a nurse.

By the time Jewel arrived home she felt nauseated and dizzy, but did not think it out of the ordinary considering the trauma.  The next day she worse.  On the third day she felt better.  On the fourth day she felt fantastic and decided to take in a movie. 

While standing in line at the theater she became extremely annoyed at the people in front of her.

" Move it. "  She said in loud voice.

Most of the people in the line turned and stared at her.

" What you looking at? "  Jewel yelled.

Then she caught herself acting out of character and left. 

" Doctor, there's a call from the Sheriff for you on line three. "  A voice over the intercom stated.

" This is Doctor Talles. "  The Doctor said.

" Hi doc, this is Sheriff Peters.  Can they give us a statement yet? "  The Sheriff asked.

" Not yet.  Maybe in a few days.  Maybe a week.  Despite what they've been through they'll make right enough, just wait a bit.  I would have said no one could survive those injuries, but there they are. "  Stated the Doctor.

" I see.  Well I'll get back to you in a week.  If there are any changes call me. "  The Sheriff requested.

" Will do. "  Answered the Doctor.

On the sixth day of her leave Jewel noticed there was vary little scaring where she had been bitten.  She was calming down in general, but she still snapped at the commercials when they interfered with a program.  She couldn't stop rubbing her hands together or clinching her teeth either. 

On the eighth day she went back to work and began using barbiturates to calm down.

" He looks pretty damn good considering. "  Said a Doctor.

" Yes he does.  I don't think I like the way he's looking at me though.  How's his appetite? "  Asked another of the four doctors standing around his bed.

" We tried taking him off the feeding tube and spoon feeding, but he's way to aggressive.  The sedatives aren't working any more so the restraints stay on.  He tries to talk, but he can't quite formulate the sounds.  He's physically capable, so it's mental.  After what they've been through it's understandable. "  Said the presiding Doctor.

" How's nurse Jewel doing? "  Asked another Doctor.

" She's fine.  I guess.  She hasn't complained, and the wound is healing quite nicely. "  The Doctor replied.

" The other one? "  The Doctor asked.

" He's physically fine.  He almost regains consciousness then slides back.  Most of the scaring from his bit wounds seem to be very old, long before they got stuck in that cave. "  Replied the Doctor.

" Have they found out who they are? "  Asked another Doctor.

" Not yet.  The Sheriff said they don't mach any wanted or missing persons reports.  A real mystery. "  The presiding Doctor replied.

" Well call me if there's a change.  This is one very interesting case. "  Stated one of the Doctors.

" Yes indeed.  I'll be back in a few days if you don't mind. "  Another of the Doctors said.

" Don't worry, I'll keep everybody undated.  Hell, this will probably wined up one of those stories the news programs won't let go of. "  Said the residing Doctor.

Luke was seeing and hearing more clearly every day.  He was feeling stronger and stronger, and when he looked at the hospital staff his anxiety and anger levels would sore. When they got close he could smell their blood, and hear the beating of their hearts.  Now and again he would get a flash back of his wife, his collage, and home town.  Then the hunger would take over.  He would look at John and his pulse would jump.  His eyes would dart around and he would start scheming of ways to get to him.

During the fourth week John came around and did not slip back to the coma state.  It took him a full day to realize he was not in the cave.  The nurses tried talking to him, but he could not understand or reply.  When he could turn his head he glanced over and seen Luke.  He let out raspy scream, and the nurse floor nurse summoned the Doctors.

" He's awake, and he seems terrified. "  The nurse exclaimed.

John was shaking uncontrollably.  The Doctors decided to not tranquilize him.  He was awake and they wanted to keep his that way.

" Get that electric blanket on him, and run over to that bakery across the street and get four loaves of fresh backed break.  Brake them up and put the peace all around him.  The smell should calm him down a bit. "  Ordered the Doctor.

John did calm down.  He could not quite make sense of what the nurses and Doctors were saying.  Then he looked over and seen Luke again.  His shaking started all over again.
Robert Evan Howard