Jewel knew what alcohol and the meds would do to her, so she didn't drink the second triple.  She walked back to her hotel room and fell into a deep sleep.  She woke up felting dizzy, kinda numb, and awfully hungry.

" Room service. "  Someone answered.

" I need the biggest steak you got down there.  Make it rare. "  Jewel ordered in a strong voice.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door.  Jewel approached the door like a cat sneaking up on it's pray, and forcefully pulled the open.

" Hello...?  John paused when he seen Jewel's face. Then added, " I decided to come back for some background on Lenny's untimely demise. "

Jewel was showing her teeth past the gum line, her eye's squinted, and she had a generally vicious expression on her face.  She took one step toward john and stopped.

" Whoa there. "  John said grabbing her by the shoulders.

Jewel's expression gradually faded to blank. 

" Ah, not feeling well at the moment. "  Stammered Jewel.

The waiter from room service approached.

" Room service. "  He said.

" Just put it anywhere. "  Jewel said in weak voice.

John gave the boy a tip.

" Did I just save the waiter from delivering himself as dinner? "  John asked.

" I don't know.  I just don't know.  I had a drink. "  Confessed Jewel.

" You came pretty close. "  John replied.

Jewel walk awkwardly across the room with her arms folded.

" I can sympathize with Luke.  I can understand why he can't control himself.  Have you ever come close to doing it? "  Asked Jewel.

" Several times...  Several times. "  Answered John with a kind of a subdued chocking laugh.

" The police released a surveillance picture of the shooter.  It looks a lot like that private detective Gains. "  John stated.

" Really? "  Asked Jewel.

" Really. "  Said John handing her a news paper.

" It sure does like him.  Do you think he's turned him? "  Asked Jewel.

" If he did, than Luke must know about the transformation.  However, if Luke wanted to keep him as a lackey he wouldn't hurt him. "  Said John.

" I wonder if he knows we got his phone number. "  Jewel said.

" If he had told Luke about our little encounter he for sure would not trust him.  Plus the anger that would have brought out would very probably have put him on the menu. "  John stated.

" What would have led him to kill for Luke? "  Jewel asked.

" Money I guess. "  John replied.

" Ya think Luke put us on a hit list?  Asked Jewel.

" Perhaps.  We'll know eventually. "  Answered John.

" Maybe we should take him out before we find out. "  Stated Jewel.

" He'd just hire someone else, and let's not jump to conclusions. "  John replied.

" I'd like to get out of here.  We should head for New York, tonight. "  Jewel suggested in a determined voice.

" Okay. "  John replied.

The next day they were combing the streets of New York City, Jewel on the east side, John on the west, and reviewing all the crime reports.

" Look at this. " Jewel said handing the news paper to John.

" People get bit in fights all the time, but this poor guy lost a nose and a ear. "  John quoted from the article.

" It says injuries sustained in apparent fight outside a bar. "  Added Jewel.

" Luke's not the lowlife bar fighter type.  Nor is it likely he would he settle for a nose. "  John said heading for the door.

Luke had already claimed one meal, and was knocking on the door of another.

" Hi.  My name is Justin Hawthorn. "  Luke said holding out his hand to the young lady residing in the apartment.

She reached for Luke's hand, and Luke hit her on the forehead with a cane handle he had retrieved from trash can a few minutes before.  The young lady fell like a dropped rag.  Luke entered the apartment and closed the door.

" Well now pretty lady, let's find out what you taste like. "  Said Luke as he dragged her into the bathroom.

He decided to play with his food this time.  So he taped over her mouth and eyes.  Then he bound her arms and legs to the bed.

" Hi there again.  Tonight is a going to be a very interesting.  You and I are going to share some fascinating moments. "  Luck said soft smooth voice when she regained consciousness.  Then he began to hum.

First he sliced off a peace from her arm.  She tried to scream, but through up instead.  With her mouth taped, the vomit came out her nose, and she began to choke. 

" You lousy peace a meat.  You've spoiled it.  Damn you. "  Luke yelled as he ate the meat he had just cut from her arm, and began to stab her over and over again.

Luke took a shower, packed up his stuff, and left through a rear door.  A half hour later he got a call from Mr. Gains the private detective.

" I got the guy, but a surveillance camera got my picture. "  Gains said in a stressed voice.

Luke was still in a very angry state of mind.

" Catch the nest flight to New York.  I'll meet you at the air port. "  Ordered Luke.

Luke rented a room in a rundown hotel, and took Mr. Gains from the air port directly to it.

" Did you ever ask yourself why I wanted you to keep track of my old friend John? "  Luke asked.

" I figured to had your reasons. "  Said Mr. Gains in nervous voice.

Luke began to hum.

" Well, it's because I don't want him interfering with my dietary fetish. "  Luke said as he walked around the room continuing to hum.

" What fetish? "  Gains said in a quizzical voice.

" This one! "  Luke answered in a raised voice as he hit Mr. Gains over the head.

Luke ripped Mr. Gains coat and shirt off, and began bitting off mouth fulls of upper arm and shoulder.  After feeding and coating the body with over cleaner he realized there was no shower in the room, it was at the end of the hall and someone was using it.  There was blood every where.  He washed up in the sink as best he could.
Robert Evan Howard