" Now that's a good idea.  Where do we find them? "  John asked.

" They're all over the place.  In fact, let's hire someone to write a program to automatically search for those things. "  Said Jewel. 

They found a grad student who wrote them the program.

" You wouldn't think there would be so many grisly murders. "  Jewel stated reading through the down loads.

" We've evolved very little apparently. "  John said with a note sarcasm.

" Evolved.  You think maybe there is something in that batch of bacteria and viruses that causes us to regress? "  Asked Jewel.

" Who knows.  Over my head. "  John stated as the Jewels phone rang.

" That was the lab.  They said those plants are called Resurrection Plants.  Kinda figures don't it. "  Jewel said.

" I wonder if whoever named them had any idea? "  John replied.

" Maybe there's a bunch of very very old people out there. "  Jewel answered.

" I hadn't thought of that.  Maybe Luke and I are not the only ones.  Maybe now you have the ability to live a long time as well. " John stated.

" I think I'll run out in front of a bus to find out. "  Jewel said.

" I'll take pictures. "  John said with a grin.

Luke had rented a motel room in Cincinnati, and was eyeing his next meal.

" Hi.  Could you tell what there is to do around here? "  Luke asked a young boy staring in the window of a pizza shop.

" Around here?  Nothin.  There ain't nothin doin around here. "  Said the boy who turned back to the pizza shop window.

" So you know this area pretty good? "  Luke asked.

" Sure.  Why? "  The boy asked
" Well I tell ya what.  You give me a quick tour of the town, and I'll give you twenty bucks. "  Offered Luke.

" Really? "  Asked the boy.

" Really.  Just the hot spots. "  Replied Luke.

They passed a clothing goods store, and Luke wanted to get some new clothing. 

" Let's drop this stuff off before continuing our tour. "  Said Luke.

The boy helped Luke pack his new attire to his room.  As soon as he was inside Luke hit him over the head with an aluminum bat.  This time Luke didn't wait to cook any part of his meal.  After ripping his fill from the boy with his teeth, including the several bits of liver, he showered then packed up and left the boy's corpse in a massive pool of blood.  He also sprayed oven cleaner on the parts where he had made contact to destroy his DNA.   While he was doing so he wondered if he had washed his first victim thoroughly enough, and wondered why he hadn't thought of the over cleaner before.

" Look at this.  They attribute this killing to the Over Clearer Cannibal. "  Jewel said.

" That could be Luke. "  John replied.

" It doesn't say what organs were eaten.  The over cleaner had to have been used to destroy his DNA. "  Jewel added.

" How many, if any, has he infected?  He probably doesn't know that just a bit will contaminate some one, or the effects.  Like you.  What if that murder was done by someone he infected. "  John stated.

" I'll bet he hasn't infected anyone besides me. He simply restrained himself until that girl.  I'll guess just it took a while for him to build his confidence.  Get a lay of the land sorta speak. "  Stated Jewel.

" Let's look at those candies. "  John said pointing a shop window.

They stopped in front of the shop.

" Keep your head down, and look up with your eyes at the reflection of the guy across the street.  That's David Gains the Private investigator.  I've noticed him several times, but this time he's not wearing a hat.  Don't turn and look at him, let's just mosey on.  Maybe we can trap him and he'll tell us what he's up to. "  John said.

" Why didn't you say something? "  Asked Jewel.

" Didn't think much of it, till know. "  John replied.

" Let go into the Pier Mall.  We can hide next to the door, and when he comes in we surround him. "  Jewel suggested.

" Okay. "  Answered John.

The plan worked perfectly.

" How ya doin? "  John asked Mr. Gains as he cozied up to his left arm.

" Oh!  How are you? "  Mr. Gains who was surprised to the point of passing out.

" Fine.  Just fine.  Are you going to make this difficult? "  Asked John.

" What do you mean? "  Mr. Gains asked with a sheepish grin.

" My associate has a gun in her pocket, and I ordered her to shoot if I let go of your arm.  Now why are you following us? "  John asked as he loosened his grip.

" Okay. Okay, Luke paid me to find out why you paid me to follow him. " Answered Mr. Gains.

" Don't let me see you again. "  John stated with very firm voice as her stopped and turn away.

" Should have forced him to give us Luke's number. "  Suggested Jewel.

" No need.  I pocketed his phone.  Write these down.  One of them must be Luke's. " Suggested John handing the phone to Jewel.

" Got'em. "  Jewel responded.

John chased down Mr. Gains and gave him beck his phone.

" I believe you dropped this. "  John said with a smile.

" Your pretty spry for someone your age. "  Jewel commented.

" What do ya mean? "  John asked.

" The way you ran to catch up with him.  In fact, you were very fast, and your not even breathing hard. "  Answered Jewel.

" Your right.  I'm not.  That's a good thing I guess. "  Stated John.

" Hold this. " Said Jewel handing John her purse.

Jewel than ran about half way down the mall's center walkway and back again.

" I've never been in this good of shape. "  Said Jewel as she took her pulse.

" I wonder if there are any other benefits to these viruses.  X-ray vision perhaps. "  John said as he zestfully jumped in an effort to fly.

" I'd settle for never catching a cold, or chipping a nail. "  Said Jewel.

" I'd settle for never going bald.  My father was bald. "  John said tilting his head to one side.
Robert Evan Howard