Both men had become famous and had numerous offers from publishing companies, movie companies and television producers for their stories.

A judge assigned guardian ships to two different legal firms for both men because neither seem totally capable of managing their affairs.

Luke and John had very little to do with each other mostly because they could not remember what their relationship had been.  John had excellent recall of the pain of Luke gnawing on him.  Luke's only true thoughts of John was good he tasted.

John went on a speaking tour and sold his story for two million dollars.  Luke turned down a speaking tour, but got four million dollars for his story.  Luke was offered more because he was kept in chains for so long, which made an more interesting story.

John never talked about Luke having fed on him for a hundred and eighty years, partly because he doubted anyone would believe it, partly because he understood how it happened.  He remembered the tune Luke would hum as he drew closer, and the sounds of ecstasy Luke made while feeding.  He remembered the pain so intense he would pass out several times during each feeding.  He knew Luke was eying everyone he seen as something to eat, and had learned to control his overt aggressiveness.  He also knew Luke would not stop feeding on people.

Every now and again Luke would through an intimidating glance at John to insure he would withhold detrimental information, but that did not bother John.  In fact, nothing bothered either one of them, having survived the cave.

When Luke was relieved of his restraints he withdrew his money and disappeared.  No one but John thought much it at he time.  Later however, everyone would be looking for Luke.  Every one.

John went back to the hospital for a check up.  While he was there he seen Jewel slap a fellow nurse and push her to the floor for not walking fast enough.  Jewel rushed past John without saying anything.  When John seen the look on her face chills ran up his spine, then over his whole body.  He had seen that same look on Luke's face.  It wasn't hard figure out there was some kind of connection to her actions and having been bitten by Luke.

John knew Luke was out there someplace biting more people, even killing them.  He also knew he would have to try and stop him.

He found out that Jewel had been fired for continued and escalating aggressive behavior.  He went to her apartment to see if there was anything he could to help her, and perhaps others Luck was most certainly attacking and worse.

Jewel answered her door and was very surprised to John standing there.

" Hi Jewel, I would like to talk to you. "  John said in a soft voice trying not to do any thing that might push her into a tantrum.

Jewel had a suspicious look on her face, but invited him in.

" So how did your check up go? "  Jewel asked.

" Fine.  I'm just fine, but I want to talk about you.  I know why you are so easily agitated, and wanted to ask you for some help. "  Stated John keeping his soft voice.

" Help.  What kind of help? "  Jewel asked showing signs of irritation.

John explained as much of his and Luke's background.

" Really.  You're a hundred and eighty years old, and Luke is a cannibal.  Of course.  You have to go now.  I have an appointment. "  Jewel said with an angry look.

" Sure.  I will stay in touch, and this is my phone number.  Call me anytime.  Any time. "  John said as he stood.

" Oh wait a minute.  Maybe there is something to what you said.  May Luke gave me a virus, like rabies or something.  I have been a bit touchy lately.  To be completely honest it's getting worse.  I can't sleep, and I eat like mad dog.  Yesterday I thought of biting my neighbor.  He's awfully good looking.  I'll have some blood work done and call you when I hear something. "  Jewel stated.

John hired a private investigator named David Gains to find John that same day.

" Should not be much of a problem.  He's to damned famous to hide for to vary long.  How come you to didn't keep in touch? "  Asked Mr. Gains.

" No real reason.  We just went in different directions.  I have a movie deal if I can get him to sign on.  The sooner the better. "  Said John.

" My rate is four hundred plus expenses a day. "  Stated Mr. Gains.

" Fine with me. "  Replied John adding, " Here is five thousand to get you started.  And I don't want publicity about this. "

" I understand completely. "  Replied Mr. Gains.

A week later Jewel called John with the results from her blood tests.

" Well I have several different unknown viruses pumping through my vanes.  Any of them could be a cause.  Until we a test Luke's blood we wont know about any matches. "  Jewel said.

" The hospital doesn't have a sample.  They must have taken a gallon out of me. "  Said John.

" After you were discharged they were chucked. "  Said Jewel.

John told Jewel about the private investigator.

" How hard could he be to find as well known as he is, and with all that money? Jewel jokingly asked.

" One would think.  However, I'm afraid he is out there hunting people.  In which case he will be keeping a low profile. "  John said.

" What did that private eye guy say to that? "  Asked Jewel.

" I thought it best not to tell him anything other then a story about a movie deal. "  John answered.

" So all we need to do is wait until a half eaten private eye shows up. "  Joked Jewel.

" You seem to be in a particulary good mood. "  Commented John.

" I got a prescription for an anti psychotic.  Seems to work.  Why don't you want to eat people? "  Jewel replied.
Robert Evan Howard